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Powering Technology That Allows You To:

Learn the name, company and the navigation behavior of your website visitors.

Instantly turn your SiteVisitors™ into closable sales leads.
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The Ultimate B2B Identity Resolution Platform
Knowing the name, company and navigation behavior of your website visitors is the key to generating closable b2b sales leads and it’s only attainable through our SiteVisitor™ system.

Understanding the SiteVisitors™ Buyer's Journey

When a person is actively on your website researching a purchase of what you sell they’re coming to a critical juncture in their buyer's journey.
Stage 1
Define Problem
Once the prospect becomes aware of a PROBLEM they thoroughly research and define the problem. Prospects can’t begin to solve their problem until they become aware of every important and relevant issue.
Stage 2
Solution Options
In stage 2 of the buyer’s journey the prospects are focused solely on HOW they can solve their problem. What options are available to them. Ex. pill, cream or injection. In doing this they can better understand which options are best matched to their desired result.
Stage 3
Evaluate Options
In stage 3 of the buyer's journey prospects are focused on WHO is going to help them solve their problem. Hopefully they've been learning from you in all 3 stages and see how you stack up, then reach out to start a physical conversation. But we both know that 98+% of your website visitors will take no action at all.
A common misconception is that the 98% who leave your site buy from a lose some to rivals and alternatives but not as many as you think. The vast majority leave your site and do nothing.
Your REAL problem is overcoming the status quo.
They’ve done significant research... they’re definitely interested in your company...the fact is the 98% are closable...yet they haven’t reached out to start the sales process.
Face it, your website and content has built rock solid momentum but can only be expected to do so much.
We solve this by enabling you to immediately follow up physically and start a personal one-to-one conversation that advances the relationship, crushes the status quo and closes the sale.

Adapt to Win

Today’s winners will not be the smartest or the strongest; but the company that is best able to adapt and adjust to this changed environment in which we find ourselves.

Companies that understand these implications, and can develop sound strategies, will not only survive but will thrive at the expense of those that can’t.

Identity resolution of your website visitors will not only address your immediate pain but also your company's winning aspirations. While your competitors are in survival mode, SiteVisitor gives your company the competitive advantage in gaining market share.
SiteVisitor™ turns your data into closeable insights.
Clients Using Our Technology
Our Identity Resolution technology is used by by hundreds of companies around the world. Here are a few:


  • “This solution really helps us with our campaigns and we can now track where our best leads come from because we can see many more of our actual website visitors, even if they don’t opt-in. Great solution for our company.”
    Matt M.
  • “I can’t believe how much time we were wasting before to get a pipeline lead. This product is well worth its cost.”
    Jim M.
    Red Earth
  • “We don't need to do nearly as many cold calls to get a qualified lead now that we use LiftCertain™. We start with the site visitors first."
  • “Transparency of our website visitors has been an eye opener.”
    Caroline M.
    SB Mavericks
  • "Makes my job easier rather than having to constantly justify our monthly ad spend. I now can see if people are visiting our site and from where."
    Roel H.
    Akela Partners
  • “Our industry has been radically changed due to COVID causing a lot of employee turnover so we need to know who the new players are. This gives us insight into who some of those new players are and where others may have moved to.”
    Justin S.
    Global Payments Gaming
  • "Thanks for helping us grow our business by adding this incredible new technology. Our clients all want to use it."
    Dave B.
    SPG Group
  • "We are helping a Fortune 500 company and when a company like that finds value, its a testament to the product."
    Tim D.
    Templar Group

Unlock & Convert

Your current website visitors into closable pipeline Leads in 3 easy steps:
  1. Place a custom Identity pixel on the specific pages you want
  2. Log into the LiftCertain™ platform daily and sort by date range, behavior or both
  3. Download your new SiteVisitor™ Leads and start closing

Identify & Grow

Your sales pipeline.
Using our Identity Resolution technology, we help you grow your sales pipeline by resolving the identity of visitors on your website including their name, the company they work for and all their navigation behavior.
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Simple Pricing that Scales

Whether you are at square one or in hyper growth mode LiftCertain™ has a plan for you.
Most Popular


Custom Pricing
What you get:
Place a unique pixel on each page of your website.
Segment leads by behavior
Download SiteVisitor leads daily
Account-based contact records
SiteVisitor Playbook


Custom Pricing
What you get:
SiteVisitor PLUS
Identify prospects, by name, company and navigation behavior throughout the entire buyer’s journey
Segment & target by behavior
Optional - Have us run a multi-channel ad campaign
In-The-Market Playbook


Custom Pricing
What you get:
In-the-Market PLUS
Segment & target your Ideal Client Profile
Have us run a multi-channel ad campaign
MarketPlace Playbook

Commonly Asked Questions

How does LiftCertain identify our anonymous website visitors?

A unique pixel is placed on the web pages you designate. We match visitors to those pages using our proprietary identity graph of over 150 million U.S. internet users. We can’t resolve the ID of every visitor, but we can deliver most of them.

You’ll get their name, email, and company. You’ll also know key pages they visited while on your website.

Where do we view the names, emails, etc. of the prospects who visit our site?

LiftCertain SiteVisitor is a cloud-based, stand-alone platform. Just log into your account and your leads are yours to view, categorize and export on-demand. The account is per company website, so there’s no limit on the number of users.

Does SiteVisitor work on traffic from outside the U.S.?

We only resolve the identity of U.S web users. International companies can use our platform, but it will only resolve their U.S.-based web traffic.

Will our IT department need to connect SiteVisitor to our CRM software?

No, no integration needed. LiftCertain SiteVisitor is a stand-alone service. If you wish, once your sales team sees the power of this platform, we can arrange for custom integration with most CRM systems.

Do we need a lot of web traffic for SiteVisitor to work?

Theoretically, no. However, more traffic is better. Unless you sell extremely high-ticket items and have a phenomenal closing ratio, we recommend at least 2,000 unique monthly visitors.

We understand that many great companies don’t have robust web traffic. We can help with that, too. LiftCertain’s In-The-Market and Marketplace programs drive qualified visitors to your site through early lead detection and advertising. Contact our team to learn more.

LiftCertain is just for B2B sales, correct?

That’s right. Our solutions are created specifically for medium to large businesses that are selling to other businesses. See our Why Us section on what fuels our mission.

Do you offer training and support with SiteVisitor?

Yes, and yes! You’ll receive a detailed playbook on exactly how to leverage SiteVisitor. Our responsive support team will get you up and running in no time and is ready to help should you have any issues or questions.

SiteVisitor sounds great. How do I convince our decision-makers?

First, ask them to watch our video. Then book a demo and invite your key decision-makers to attend. We promise to make it concise, informative, and enjoyable. By the end of the demo, it will be clear to your team if LiftCertain SiteVisitor is a good fit for your company.

How much time does the SiteVisitor demo take?

Less than 30 minutes. You’ll learn exactly how SiteVisitor works and all the intel it delivers to your sales team each day. If the demo goes longer, it will be because you and your team want to keep the conversation going.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don’t. The ability to identify and contact your site visitors on your website is extremely valuable and there is set-up time involved. You’re asking us to loan you a Maserati! We can’t do that, but we do offer SiteVisitor on a month-to-month basis. No contract required and you can cancel at any time. Once your team sees what SiteVisitor can do, you can opt for annual billing and save 10%.

What industries do you work with?

We serve a large variety of medium to large B2B companies, including Fortune 500s. An ideal candidate for SiteVisitor will have 1) Robust web traffic, 2) A complex, high-value sales cycle and 3) A dedicated outbound sales team that will follow up, nurture and close the warm leads SiteVisitor provides.

Do you offer group purchasing for association members and franchisees?

Yes! Please send an inquiry to
The Ultimate B2B Identity Resolution Platform
9820 Northcross Center Court
Huntersville, NC 28078
(888) 776-6050